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How do I become a Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC)?

You must successfully complete a state-approved nurse aide training program and pass both the written and skills portions of the NNAAP examination. Application for an NAC certification with the Department of Health is required.

How do I decide which exam to take?

• Initially, both the Written and Skills exams must be scheduled together.
• An Oral Examination in English or Spanish may be substituted for the Written examination if you have
difficulty reading English. It contains ten (10) reading comprehension questions in which you must identify job-related words.

How do I arrange for special accommodations?

• Special requests must be submitted and approved prior to testing. Documentation from your physician or other qualifying professional must be included with the request. Please refer to the       Special Exam Requests and Services section of the candidate handbook for details.

Is there a time limit in which I must pass both exams?

You are allowed four (4) attempts to pass both portions of the NNAAP Examination. If you should fail either part or both parts four (4) times, you will be required to successfully complete a state-approved training program and re-take both parts of the NNAAP examination. There is no time limit in which you can take your 4 attempts.

Can I register for an exam or check my scores online?

• Once you have been approved to test, you are required to complete the online registration process.
• If you passed both parts of the examination, your name will be forwarded to the OBRA Nursing Assistant Registry. You must contact the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to apply for your Nursing Assistant Certification.

What form of payment do you accept and may I take it to the test site?

All payments must be made at the time of scheduling your examination by credit card, pre-paid credit card or electronic voucher. NO form of payment will be accepted at the test site

What is the next test date?

Test dates at Regional Test Sites are listed on the Pearson VUE website (www.pearsonvue.com). Click on Health, Medicine & Nurse Aides, Washington Nurse Aides, Regional Test Sites & Test Schedule.

How long will it take me to find out if I passed or failed?

Score reports are available on line at https://i7lp.integral7.com/durango/do/login?ownername=wana 12 hours after your examination is completed. If the site experiences technical difficulties with faxing answer sheets, they will be sent to Pearson VUE for hand scoring and results will be mailed within 5-7 business days after testing.

How do I verify if I’m on the Nursing Asst. Registry?

You can verify your status on the Washington OBRA-Nursing Assistant Registry by sending an email to OBRA Registry @dshs.wa.gov. Please include your name date of birth and social security number.

How do I change my name and/or address?

Complete the form in the back of the handbook and mail it with appropriate documentation to OBRA Nursing Assistant Registry and the Department of Health (DOH).

How long will my name remain on the registry?

Once on the Nurse Aide Registry, your OBRA status will remain active for 24 months from the date you passed both parts of the NNAAP exam. To remain active on the OBRA Registry in Washington State, nursing assistants must never have a time period that exceeds 24 months when he or she does not work for compensation as a caregiver.

My certification expired. How do I renew it or become certified again?

Your Nursing Assistant Certification must be renewed with DOH each year before your birthday. Please contact the DOH if your certification has expired to get instructions on renewing your

I’m moving to or from another state. May I perform nurse aide duties in that state?

If you are moving TO Washington, you can obtain an Out-of-State Application at www.doh.wa.gov Click on Forms/Applications, Certified Nursing Assistant Endorsement. If you are moving FROM Washington, contact the Board of Nursing or Department of Health for that state, to obtain state requirements.

Information About The Federal and State Laws.

• If employed in a nursing facility, you must complete training and OBRA testing through DSHS and apply to become certified through DOH all within 4 months from the day you start work. Only   individuals enrolled in a nursing assistant training program or waiting to take the NNAAP Examination qualify to work in a nursing facility under the 4-month rule.
• Applicants must file an application with DOH as a Nursing Assistant Registered (NAR) within three (3) days of their employment.
• If you’re hired at a nursing home while you are in training, you cannot perform nursing skills on residents until you receive training on these skills.
• Unprofessional conduct of any kind may result in temporary or permanent loss of a nursing assistant certification.• Loss of NA certification because of an action of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of funds or property makes a nursing assistant permanently ineligible to work in nursing facilities and/or with vulnerable adults and they are listed as ineligible in the DSHS OBRA – NA Registry.